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…Cars have sole?

Cars With Sole

If you want your feet to be as stylish as the car whose pedals they’re pushing, then check out Motive’s list of co-branded driving shoes, called Cars With Sole.

Featuring the DC Pro_Spec v1.0 (2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI), the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Clubman Hot Chocolate (2008 Mini Cooper Clubman S), the Puma Inflection F1 BMW Sauber Team (2008 BMW 135i) and the Adidas Porsche Design S2 Leather (2008 Porsche Cayman S Porsche Design Edition 1), it’s a list of footwear that will help you look good on and off the track.

[Motive – Cars With Sole]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Alpine?

Alpine Imprint RLS

Alpine BMW X5

Alpine Sinister Six

Alpine Mini Cooper

I know, I know, Alpine is technically an electronics company, but they’ve created quite a few pieces of automotive art recently to showcase their products. Their latest creation, unveiled at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the Imprint RLS. Starting with a Mercedes Benz R500 for inspiration, which donated only a roof to the final design, Alpine’s team of in-house R & D guys shaped the entire body of the car by hand using fiberglass to give it a “sophisticated, flowing shape”. The color is a custom-mixed BASF R-M Carizzma Candy Cherry Cola Brown which does a great job of highlighting the subtle details that went into each part of this creation. One of the biggest details (and I do mean biggest) is the wheels, 26 inchers in the front and 30 inchers in the rear. Another big feature of the design was going from four to only two doors. Each door “is actually connected to a seat, and each door/seat module is on a motorized rotating platform that automatically rotates the seat outward – and the door inward – to allow the driver access to the completely custom-made interior”. Once inside, passengers are treated to an entire slew of Alpine’s new Imprint sound technology, perfectly tuned to the design of the interior. If CDs just aren’t your style, the Imprint can also accept an iPod and has SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Having seen the Alpine Mini Cooper firsthand, I can definitely say that these guys do some great work, and truly create some one-of-a-kind creations. Alpine, if you’re listening, I’d gladly volunteer my car for any future shows you might want to create something for.

[Alpine Imprint RLS]

[Via: Autoblog]

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…Tiles are the new paint?

Mini Cooper In Tiles

Paint? We don’t need no stinkin’ paint. We’ll just cover it in a bunch of tiles and call it a day. I’m imagining this was the thought process behind this Mini Cooper, which was covered in decorative ceramic tiles for the Guangzhou International Design Week 2006. Though it actually looks pretty good, I’d like to see someone try to wash and wax the thing.

[China Daily]

[Via: Spluch]