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…It’s Website Wednesday: Made For Each Other?

Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other is a website/game from Frito Lay that’s meant to advertise for their chips and dips, but it’s also a fantastically fun site to just play around with and see what you can discover.

Inside of the site (it takes a while to load but is well worth it) there are tons of half-matches, and your goal is to bring them together. When you find a pair that fits, you’ll be rewarded with mini-games, video clips, and other goodies that all involve bringing things together.

There’s no ‘goal’ to speak of, so it’s mostly just a fun environment to play around in, but that doesn’t make it any less fun, so give it a go and see what you think.

[Made For Each Other]

[Via: Neatorama]

…It’s TGI Friday: Server Quest?

Server Quest

Though Server Quest is a bit on the tech heavy side, it’s still a great game that brings back fond memories of the early ‘90s gaming era.

Created to promote Microsoft’s TechNet, Server Quest puts you in charge of Matt Berg, an IT Guy in search of the IT Girl of his dreams.

When he finds her (Alicia Thornber) he must woo her with his vast amount of IT knowledge.

Mini-games include Packet Invaders and Office Chaos, and there’s a full serving of IT humor, so it’s a great diversion for actual IT guys, though it may be over the heads of anyone who doesn’t have a degree in computer science.

Are you ready to save the IT day?

[Server Quest]

[Via: Jay Is Games]