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…It’s Movie Monday: Carousel?


To demonstrate their new ‘cinema proportioned’ TV, Philips created Carousel, an ad that plays out over a single moment in time as the camera moves around to reveal different parts of the story.

For the full experience, you should view it on the Philips website, since you can demo ambilight at the same time, but either way, it’s a must see.

…Turnstiles bring out the best in people?

More Turns

Ever wonder what you look like as you pass through a turnstile?

Bill Sullivan has, and has turned that expression set into an entire art exhibit.

Featuring the often determined, rather stone-faced expressions of completely random people, it’s a great ‘moment in time’ style piece that may have you rethinking the face you walk around with.

Or, maybe not.

[Bill Sullivan – More Turns]

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