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…Nocturne changes colors?


Nocturne is an app from Blacktree (the guys behind Quicksilver) that “ctrl-opt-cmd-8”s your Mac for you. If you’ve never pressed that button combination, go ahead and try it now, I’ll wait. (Press it again to return to normal)

Cool, huh? No, that neat little trick isn’t just for show. The dark colors and white text are actually supposed to be a lot easier to read at night.

Nocturne’s “Night Vision Mode” changes the colors of your computer, just like you just did, but it also adds:

  • Proper color correction in monochrome modes – you don’t lose all your blues or reds when you tint the screen.
  • Window shadow toggling – if glowing windows aren’t your thing.
  • Background removal – hide the desktop picture so you don’t see a inverted version.

With just a few simple changes, Nocturne just might make night time computing your new favorite hobby.


[Via: 43 Folders]