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…Tap Tap Tap loves the iPhone?

iPhone Mosaic

To celebrate the 10,000+ apps now in Apple’s iPhone App Store, Tap Tap Tap put together a mosaic of the iPhone that uses the icons from each one of those 10,000 apps to form one giant iPhone.

It’s available on Flickr in its original size if you’d like to print out your very own copy, and definitely puts the number of apps currently available in perspective for those that have trouble grasping numbers with more than four digits.

[Via: Tap Tap Tap]

…Photoshop filters can kill a picture?

Every Photoshop Filter Before

If you start with a picture that looks like the one above, and apply every Photoshop filter to it (in order), what do you end up with?

A picture that looks like this:

Every Photoshop Filter After

Very Small Array even posted every step on the way from photo to mosaic, so click through if you’d like to see how this was made.

[Via: Very Small Array Via: Kottke]