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…Markus Stoeckl is fast?

Markus “Hercules” Stoeckl

Markus “Hercules” Stoeckl doesn’t like going slow. Weighing in at 220 lbs., and standing 6’4” tall, it’s easy to see where he got his nickname from.

Recently, Markus set a new record for the world’s fastest mountain bike by going 130.7 mph down the side of a 45-degree mountain in the Chilean Alps, smashing the previous record by 14 mph. To add to the excitement, Markus had to hold his breath for the entire 40-second run to prevent his helmet from fogging up.

The only question is: How did he stop?

[Via: Neatorama]

…Golden Eagles make your bike go faster?

Golden Eagle

As gas prices go up, so does bicycle use as people look to escape the pump. Peddling is so old school though. What if there was something that could give you 250 mpg, top speeds of 30 mph, and fit on any mountain bike or street cruiser? Golden Eagle has the answer with their assist engine. Designed to be “the first and only geared belt drive bicycle assist engine on the market”, the Golden Eagle gives you a choice between pedal power and a motor assist when you need it. Plus, it’s a four-stroke engine, so there’s no need to premix the oil and deal with the smelly exhaust associated with two stroke engines. If you’re going to save the world, why not do it with a little speed and a little style? Read through for Kevin Kelly’s account of his experience with the Golden Eagle.

[Golden Eagle]

[Via: Kevin Kelly – Golden Eagle Bike Engine]

…Ktrak turns your mountain bike into a tank?


It used to be that snow and sand were about the only things that could stop you from getting your adrenaline fin on a mountain bike. Now, Ktrak wants to let you conquer even those surfaces with their Rear-Drive Kit, “a universal attachment that replaces the rear wheel with a track drive system. It is designed to create traction on previously ‘unridable’ surfaces, such as show and sand”. Basically a set of tank treads for your bike, it gives you traction where other wheels would only manage to sink in and slip around. Plus, it makes your bike look really freaking cool. Get yours January 2007.


[Via: Spluch]