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…The Skibike MkII is a snow machine?

Skibike MkII

On my last trip to the snow, I saw a few folks running around the mountain on snow bikes, and it looked like a blast.

However, while the whole bike with skis for tires idea sounded like a lot of fun, the lack of suspension made it look like it would be less than fun after just a few minutes.

If you’re just dying to ditch the skis for something new though, then check out Boozhound Laboratories’ full suspension Skibike MkII. It takes the snow bound bike idea and adds in up to 10 inches of suspension travel for a cushy ride that’s sure to be easier on your tushy.

[Boozehound Laboratories – Skibike MkII]

…Bomberos run the roads?


In Perú, kids called Bomberos (firemen) hitch rides on homemade karts to the top of a 1,000 meter mountain, and then ride back down with the help of gravity, delivering food, drinks, and spare parts to broken and stranded trucks.

Looks like fun!

[Photo Via: zerega]

[Via: Street Use]

…Gnuf uses large dice?

World’s Greatest Dice Roll

To promote their new gambling site, Gnuf created the world’s greatest dice roll, using two giant dice (each is over two meters tall and weights over half a ton) that were airlifted with a helicopter and then rolled them down the side of an ice-packed, snow-capped mountain.

The goal is simple: Guess what number they landed on, and you can win an eight-day trip to Greenland.

Care to wager?

[Gnuf – The World’s Greatest Dice Roll]

[Via: Adverblog]