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…It’s Things Thursday: Nimbus Cloud Computer?

Nimbus Cloud Computer

The Nimbus Cloud Computer “works like a PC” only it’s “better than a PC” because it’s free. Instead of paying for the Nimbus, you simply allow them to show you an ad while using the computer, and it pays for itself. If you don’t want the ad, you can also pay a monthly fee to use the Nimbus ad free, but where’s the fun in that?

    A Cloud Computer is a re-imagination of the idea of a computer. We think that an ordinary computer is too expensive, too complicated, and too much for what most people want to use a computer for. What we did is put all of the costly and complicated pieces of hardware and software into our data centers. You then use a smaller, simpler, much less expensive device that’s always connected to the internet to control your computer. We think this is a much better way for you to do just what you want with a computer.

The computer comes with a keyboard and mouse, and you simply provide a monitor and Internet access, and you’re on your way.

Is this the future of computing?

[Nimbus Cloud Computer]

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…Dashing sheep are hard to tranquilize?

Sheep Dash!

When it comes to reaction times, are you a turbo-charged cheetah or a sluggish snail? Find out with Sheep Dash!, a game where sheep fly across your screen and you must tranquilize them with a dart before they reach the other side. You might think you’re a mouse master, but give it a few rounds and you’ll feel like a clumsy clicker.

[Sheep Sleep!]

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…Reversing your mouse is hard?


Here’s a game that’s sure to have your brain spinning circles in your head. Reverse takes the simple goal of moving your cursor from the starting position to the goal of each level, but reverses the direction your cursor moves to make sure you loose faith in your mousing abilities by the end of each level. Just don’t cheat and hold your mouse upside down, ‘cause cheaters never win.


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…Plants eat meat too?

Mouse In Plant

Nepenthes truncata

A carnivorous plant (Nepenthes truncata) at the Botanical Garden in Lyon, France, recently snacked on a mouse. The partially digested remains of the mammal were discovered after visitors to the gardens complained of the smell (I’m sure it was lovely). The pitcher plant is native to an island in the Philippines, and this is the first recorded capturing of a mammal by any carnivorous plant in captivity. Sadly, had the mouse lived, he surely would have been mocked by all of his friends for nearly being eaten by a plant.

[Via: Boing Boing]