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…Viking recreated movies with stationery?

Are you one of those movie buffs who can spout off lines like a second language and knows more trivia than Will Shortz? Than test your knowledge with Viking’s Stationery Movies, a quiz where various movie scenes are recreated using Viking stationary, and you must guess the title. Be warned though, they are difficult, so you may want to check your pride at the door.

[Viking’s Stationary Movies]

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…Saw III pulled out all the stops?


Yesterday, being the movie buff that I am, I went and saw the first possible screening of Saw III. How was it? Well, if you’re a professional movie critic, you’ll probably hate it. If you don’t give a crap about Oscar winning performances and you just want to have the pants scared off of you, and have to think a little bit along the way, you’re going to love it. A definite improvement on Saw II, and a fitting sequel to the original, Saw III features all of the “how in the hell did they think of that” games that have made the series a cult classic, good enough acting to keep you in the story (though admittedly, not the best acting in the world), and enough plot twists, turns, and revelations to keep you guessing until the very end. Surprisingly, I felt the shock value gore was toned down this time, and instead, replaced with edge of your seat anticipation. The scene is set, you know what’s going to happen, and the director in a sense lets you fill in your own gruesome details. That’s not to say there isn’t cringe worth moments, as there are plenty, just that the movie didn’t rely on them to fulfill its scare quota. All in all, Saw III is the perfect way to get you in the Halloween spirit, and a sure to be classic horror film for the horror film fans.

[Saw III]

[Rotten Tomatoes – Saw III]

…M&M’s made a game of finding 50 dark movies in a painting?

Dark Painting

M&M’s will soon be available in a dark chocolate variety, and to advertise, they have created a game where inside of a picture there are 50 “dark” movies represented by metaphors (visual riddle). The painting is actually pretty unique and artsy looking, and it’s definitely a challenge to find all 50. If you consider yourself a movie buff, then try your hand at this game; it may be harder than you’d think.

[M&M’s Dark Chocolate Movies]

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