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…You should be a Firefox 3 power user?

Firefox 3 Robot

If you were among the more than eight million people that helped Firefox set a new world record on Download Day 2008, then it’s time to start tweaking and tuning Firefox 3 to match your needs.

The first stop on your customization journey should definitely be at Lifehacker’s Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3, which digs a little deeper into the program and uncovers shortcuts, tweaks, and even Easter Eggs in the Mozilla monster.

Are you ready?

[Lifehacker – Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3]

…Mozilla loves robots?

Firefox Robot

If you’ve already made the jump to Firefox 3, Beta 5, then go to your address bar and type about:robots for an Easter Egg page with a robot flavor.

(And if you haven’t made the jump, then I recommend you do so, because I love the new features, and I haven’t had a lot of trouble with it so far. If you’re still worried though, check out Lifehacker’s The Complete Field Guide to Testing Firefox 3.)

[Firefox 3, Beta 5]

[Lifehacker – The Complete Field Guide To Testing Firefox 3]

[Via: Lifehacker]

…Firefox can be tweaked?

One thing that makes Firefox so great is its customizability. Lifehacker has put together a nice little tutorial for changing values and tweaking the little known and littler used about:config settings. It looks daunting at first, but by following the guide, you can’t stray too far off course, and soon you’ll find yourself tweaking with ease (doesn’t that just sound illegal). Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

[Via: Lifehacker]

[Via: Digg]

…Firefox 2.0 is now official?

Firefox 2.0 has officially hit the streets, and it’s going to be hot. If you haven’t joined the Firefox revolution, now is the time. Firefox, by Mozilla, is a free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser (thanks Wikipedia) that’s quickly become the standard for browsing the web. It cuts down on pop ups, is totally customizable, and just plain works. Give it a try; you’ll never look at the web the same way again.

Need another reason to switch? Watch this comparison video, and the choice will be pretty obvious:

Firefox 2

[Wikipedia – Firefox]

[Via: Digg]