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…It’s TGI Friday: Sway?


Illusion Labs and ReadyAimFire have teamed up to create the iPhone game Sway, a ‘state-of-the-art game that will blow your fuzzy socks off!’

The goal is to swing through beautiful worlds using just finger gestures as you help Lizzie, Ninja Man, Stitches, Box Boy and others reach the goal.

Sway is definitely pushing the edge of what iPhone gaming is all about, and uses multi-touch to its fullest potential, so check it out and give it a try:


…The iBand is near?


Soon, the iPhone’s multi-touch interface will let you and your buddies form your very own traveling iBand.

Currently, PocketGuitar lets you fret away on the six string, and the iAno adds some ivories to the mix, which means you’re one drum solo away from a tour date.

What’s interesting is that unlike the Vans Fracture concept, these programs are ready to run and can be used on any (jailbroken) iPhone or iPod Touch.

Rock on!



[PocketGuitar Via: Gizmodo]

[iAno Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Vans wants to fracture your fingers?

Finger Fracture

If the Vans Finger Fracture game ever makes it out of concept and into reality, I have no doubt that it will get immediately snapped up by the hoards of iPhone users as the greatest advance in adver-gaming since the BK King made his rounds on a scooter.

By using the iPhone’s unique multi-touch input, players can manipulate their skateboard with lifelike movements, and the Vans message is subtly woven through out.


[Via: Trendwatch Daily – Hard(s)core]

…Your BlackBerry is jealous of Apple?


If you love the look of the iPhone, but can’t give up the functionality of your CrackBerry, then give it a bit of iStyle with the bPhone theme.

The bPhone features icons that have been pulled directly from the Apple theme, custom icons to match, a dark glass top banner, a Macified signal and battery indicator, an OS X beachball ‘busy’ indicator, and a liberal use of gray and blue.

It might not add multi-touch, but at least you can pretend…


[Via: CrunchGear]