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…Super Mario knows how to play chess?

Super Mario Chess

Though Super Mario didn’t arrive until more than 500 years after the invention of chess, the union of the two still seems like destiny.

The Super Mario chess set from USAopoly lets you battle for control of the Mushroom Kingdom with 32 hand-painted playing pieces, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Goombas, and more.

[USAopoly – Super Mario Chess via Retro Thing]

…Mario is back in cake form?

Mario Cake

I thought that this Mario cake couldn’t be topped, but now there’s another Mario cake vying for the title, and both look absolutely amazing. Which one do you think should be the king cake of the Mushroom Kingdom? Vote in the comments.

Mario Cake Collage

[Mario Cake]

[Via: Kotaku]