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…You need a Lumberjack Hat?

Lumberjack Hat

Etsy user taraduff makes a “Lumberjack Hat” that doesn’t just make you feel like a lumberjack, it also makes you look like one too.

That’s because the knitted stocking cap includes a shaggy knitted beard and mustache that are stored within, and can be pulled over your face if the weather gets cold, or if you just want to look like you know your way around an axe.

Each hat is knitted by hand on a round loom, and the beard/mustache combos are all hand crocheted, so no two are the same. Plus, since each is unique, you can find a color combo that fits your personal style, or order a custom combo if you’ve got something specific in mind.

[Etsy – taraduff]

…It’s Movie Monday: CL!CK?

LEGO’s CL!CK is a fantastic short about the power of big ideas.

With stop motion animation, little toy bricks and an amazing mustache all combined together into one film, it’s a win all around:


…Pop’s ‘Stache will mark your drink with style?

Pop's 'Stache

Quench your thirst, mark your drink, AND try out a new ‘stache with a set of the Pop’s ‘Stache mustache themed drink identifiers.

Designed to wrap around the top of a bottle, the Pop’s ‘Stache drink identifiers include ‘stache classics like The Stromboli, The Box Car, The Beans for Breakfast, and The Winnipeg Special, and each is guaranteed to make you far more sophisticated looking than any other drink identifier.

For now they’re just a concept, but given the amount of support that these have received, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hitting store shelves soon.

[Pop’s ‘Stache]