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…MyBlogLog is gone?

MyBlogLogAs you may or may not have noticed, I recently removed the MyBlogLog widget from the left sidebar.

It was starting to look stale, and I just don’t think it was ever that useful.

However, if you were one of the people whose smiling face showed up there each time you visited, and you had grown attached to that feature, let me know and I’ll bring it back.

Otherwise, it’s bye bye forever.

…You can be me on MyBlogLog?


Here’s a neat little trick for those of you who are Firefox surfers and members of MyBlogLog:

  • Open your cookies.txt file, and find the line that looks like:
    • TRUE / FALSE 120364175 mbl_sid (long string of numbers)
  • Now, change the number after mbl_sid to 2006111716255804
  • If you aren’t a MyBlogLog member, just add that line to your cookies.txt file and restart Firefox

When you’re done, browse around to sites that have the MyBlogLog widget (try if you can’t think of any others), and see who shows up as your avatar. Neat, huh?


[Via: ShoeMoney]