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…The Confederate Fighter is an amazing bike?

Confederate Motorcycles Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles have always been a cut above.

After nearly being wiped out by Katrina, Confederate is back and better than ever with the release of their new Fighter bike.

Featuring tons of carbon fiber and titanium, including the front “blade” style suspension, aggressive lines and enough speed to scare just about anyone (top speed is north of 190 mph), the Fighter is just plain sexy.

Confederate bikes have always been known for their fusing of raw power and crisp simplicity, and in words straight from the company’s mouth,

    It’s an evolution of the machine, at once taken back down to its core elements while being reinvented and re-engineered for optimal performance. It’s our street-legal sci-fi dream come to life, in the form of the limited-edition Fighter Motorcycle.

If you’re looking to score one of the 45 being made, then you better have your checkbook ready, because the first one off the lot carries a price tag of $110,000, along with special Neiman Marcus edition features, and is sure to go quick. (In more ways than one!)

[Neiman Marcus – Fighter]

[Confederate Motorcycles – Fighter]


…It’s Things Thursday: Neiman Marcus Christmas Book?

Neiman Marcus 100 Anniversary Edition Christmas BookIt is Thanksgiving, so I am going to spend some quality time with the family today instead of updating DYH (Plus, you should be spending some quality time with your family today as well instead of reading DYH!) but it is also Thursday, so I do want to at least leave you with something to check out for Things Thursday.

Thus, if you’re already starting to think about what to get those special someones for the holidays, then be sure to check out Neiman Marcus’s Christmas Book.

This year marks their 100th anniversary of the Christmas Book, and The 100 Anniversary Edition is filled with as much gift giving cheer as ever.

Plus, their Fantasy Gifts section is, as always, filled with the gifts that dreams are made of.

From NM edition Lexus IS Fs to personal submarines to classical concerts to an entire rocket racing league franchise, it’s a millionaire’s playground, and you’re invited to take a peak.

Don’t have a seven figure budget?

Don’t worry, the Christmas Book is filled with plenty of gifts for the normal gift giver as well; but it is fun to dream…

[Neiman Marcus – Christmas Book]

…Neiman Marcus loves BMW M6s?

Neiman M6

How long does it take to sell 50 high priced ($139,000) BMW M6 Convertibles? Well, if your name is Neiman Marcus, it takes exactly 92 seconds, the amount of time it took them to unload their entire Christmas Book fleet. Next year, Neiman ought to at least offer a wash from the likes of Paul Dalton with your purchase.

[Via: Jalopnik]

…Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book is sure to fulfill your every wish?

NM Spaceship


Every year, Neiman Marcus puts out its Christmas Book featuring all of the gifts that they feel are worth giving. For those who’ve had quite a bit more nice than naughty in them this year, there is the Fantasy Gifts section. And what’s atop this year’s list of fantasy gifts? How about a trip into space? That’s right, a cool $1.764 million will get you a spot aboard the Virgin Galactic space ship when it begins service in 2009, complete with what must be a most awe inspiring 63 mile high view of Earth, a vomit inducing weightlessness experience, and a week long getaway at Sir Richard Branson’s private island retreat to rid yourself of that awful spaceship lag. Afraid of heights? There’s always the Sports Dream Package, with tickets to six pro sporting events such as Super Bowl XLI and the 2007 All-Star Game, complete with a shared meal at each event with such legends as Wayne Gretzky and Magic Johnson. Not into sports? The 2007 NM Limited Edition BMW M6 Convertible is sure to turn a few heads, complete with Ruby Black exterior paint, Piano Black trim elements, custom Gold Brown merino leather seats, and a trip to Munich to pick up your car in person. There’s sure to be a gift for every giver in this year’s book, though I don’t think Neiman has found a way to package up coal for the uber rich, so I guess there’s always some room for improvement. Just make sure to check your list twice before cracking open this fantasy wish list.

[Neiman Marcus – Christmas Book]

[Via: BornRich]

[Via: Luxist]

…You blink needs a little more bling?

Diamond Eyelashes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and apparently Madonna just couldn’t find enough places to put her best friend, so she had a custom set of mink false eyelashes done up with .75 carats of hand-faceted diamonds featuring a unique new cut called the “Star Shimmer Cut” to add a little bling to her gaze. Made by designer Gina Brooke, shu uemura’s artistic director, these custom eyelashes will now be available to non-celebrities as well for a hefty $10,000 per set. They will only be available through seven select Neiman Marcus stores though, so if you just have to have a set, it’s time to start making some phone calls. For those who can’t spend the price of a small car to add a little diamond shine to their look, shu uemura also offers replica diamond eyelashes for a much more affordable $25. Looks like the bling blink will definitely be in this season.

[Precious Diamond Lashes]

[Via: BornRich]