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…Diesel is making XXX SFW?

Diesel SFW XXX

Diesel is celebrating their 30th Anniversary with a bang by throwing 17 parties in 24 hours in places like Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, Munich, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Zurich, London, Sau Paulo and New York.

Diesel XXX Party

The line up includes Mark Ronson, N*E*R*D, M.I.A., David Holmes, Chaka Khan, New Young Pony Club, and more.

However, regardless of how much fun the parties are, the best part of their anniversary will still be the invitation!

By taking ‘70s porn clips and (kinda) editing out the naughty parts, they created Diesel XXX, a semi-SFW video that shows you all the fun you’ll be having if you come to their party:

Just don’t forget to bring a favor!

[Diesel – XXX]

…Nerds like chocolate?

Mii Chocolates

Be nice to your nerd with a set of Chocolate Miis.

Available in either white or dark chocolate, the Paul Pape Designs Mii Chocolates are available as either boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl, and come packaged in a Wii box that says “Wii belong together you and Mii” on the front.

Does a gamer’s Valentine’s Day get any better than that?

[Paul Pape Designs – Mii Chocolates]

[Via: YumSugar]

…Adidas does the dark side?

Adidas Consortium Superstar Wars

Proving that your sneaks can be cool for more than just their design, these Adidas Consortium Superstar Wars shoes come in the same packaging as the Star Wars figures that probably lined the walls of your nerdy past.

Though most will probably stay in the packaging as part of a shoe collectors’ collection, it’s good to know that companies are still putting thought into details as small as the packaging of their products.

[Via: HighSnobiety]

…Gaming tattoos leave luck to heaven?

Classic Gaming Tattoo

It’s going to be hard to hide the fact that you’re a classic gaming nerd with a tattoo like this on your back.

Featuring the full roster of classic characters, a larger than life NES controller, and the English translation of Nintendo: “Leave Luck To Heaven”, there’s not much that didn’t make it into this design.

[Via: The Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites]