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…You can have an 8-Bit Christmas?

8-Bit Jesus

Celebrate the holidays with Doctor Octoroc’s 8-Bit Jesus: Classic Christmas Songs in the Style of Classic NES Games.

Featuring 18 tracks, with titles like Ryu, The Red Nosed Ninja, Super Jingle Bros., O Come, All Ye Vampires, and Have Yourself A Final Little Fantasy, it’s the perfect entertainment for the gamer geek in all of us.

Plus, there are two ways to get the album: Download it for free from his site, or make a small PayPal donation and help him with future recordings, as well as receive a physical copy of the CD by mail sometime in mid January.

[8-Bit Jesus]

[Via: Wired]

…The Fami-Card is a Nintendo in a cartridge?

Nintendo In A Cartridge

Here’s an interesting idea: Take an NES cartridge, rip out the guts and replace them with an NES console.

Then you can play Nintendo by simply plugging your cartridge into another cartridge!


The end result, called a Fami-Card, features an NES cartridge slot, power and reset buttons, a pair of joystick ports, and composite video and stereo audio outputs.

[Via: Technabob]

…Gaming tattoos leave luck to heaven?

Classic Gaming Tattoo

It’s going to be hard to hide the fact that you’re a classic gaming nerd with a tattoo like this on your back.

Featuring the full roster of classic characters, a larger than life NES controller, and the English translation of Nintendo: “Leave Luck To Heaven”, there’s not much that didn’t make it into this design.

[Via: The Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites]

…Alex Mauer plays on the NES?

Alex Mauer Vegavox

Want to stop people from making MP3s of your music and then passing them around?

Just do what Alex Mauer did, and release your music on an NES cartridge. The album, called Vegavox, comes with its own menu, and plays through classic Nintendos. You’re still going to have to blow in it to get things to work though.

[Alex Mauer]

[Via: Music Thing]

…Nintendo has power?

For those still clinging to the NES glory days, and for those still developing homebrew games for the classic system, RetroZone has released the PowerPak, a compact flash based cart that can be loaded with a variety of games and then played through a built in file browser. In addition, there is also built in storage for game saves, and the ability to add in Game Genie codes for God Mode style rampages, though power like this doesn’t come cheap. For some 8 biters though, price is no object for blow in the system bliss.

[RetroZone – PowerPak]

[Via: Kotaku]