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…Nintendo loves color?


As Nintendo evolved, so did its color palette. When the original NES launched in 1985, it drew from a palette of just 53 colors. Now, with the release of the Wii, games can choose between 16.7 million colors, and are capable of mimicking the colors found in the real world. COLOURlovers’ article is an interesting examination of Nintendo through the ages (and colors), and is a great read for game heads and history buffs alike.

[COLOURlovers – Following Nintendo Through The Ages (And Colors)]

…NES looks great when painted?


eBay seller hellokitty11111111111(11 11s) sells beautiful, custom, hand painted NES consoles themed after famous NES games including Metroid, Super Mario, Mega Man, Bubble Bobble, and Zelda. Though not cheap, these one-of-a-kinds are sure to earn you that old school street cred you’ve been looking for.


[Via: Kotaku]

…Nintendo makes a Monopoly for the gamer in you?

Nintendo Monopoly

Monopoly and Nintendo have combined forces and created Nintendo Monopoly, the classic board game but with a Mario twist. The board features some of Nintendo’s most popular characters, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox and Wario. Plus, the pewter game pieces are modeled after a Donkey Kong barrel, Link’s boots, a Hylian Shield, an NES controller, Mario’s hat, and a Koopa shell. It’ll makes you want to be an eight-year-old tyrannical monopolist all over again, buying up everything you land on until the other players have no choice but to concede a shameful defeat.

[Via: Uncrate]

…Wii needs a retro coating?

Wii Skin

If you’ve got a Wii, give it the retro respect it deserves with a Retro Revolution Wii Skin form DecalGirl. Made to look like a NES, this glossy vinyl skin forms a protective coating on your Wii, protecting it from scratches. Safe gaming is fun gaming, so always remember to wrap it up.


[Via: technabob]