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Little Printer Turns Your Digital Life Into A Mini-Newspaper

BERG Cloud Little Printer

The Little Printer from BERG Cloud is a compact, inkless, thermal printer that uses wi-fi to connect to the web and print out a timely, beautiful mini-newspaper based on subscriptions that you set up using your smartphone.

When you’re ready, just hit the print button, tear off the latest ‘issue’ and take it with you, giving you information on the go and turning your digital life into an analog journal.

Check out the demo video below for a preview:

The device won’t be ready until 2012, but you can give them your email on the BERG Cloud site to get notified of when they’re ready to ship.

[BERG Cloud – Little Printer]

…The Big Picture shows it like it is?

The Big Picture

Apparently I’m a little late to the party on this one, but The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture is a fantastic photo blog that uses huge and beautiful pictures to tell stories that normally only get a thousand words inside of the newspaper.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out.

[The Boston Globe – The Big Picture]