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…Nintendo fans love the Wii?

A Wii fanboy has created his own commercial, and I must say that Sony needs to look at who they hired to do this spot if one man, a computer, and 80 hours of time can one up them so easily. Let A Hand Drawn Revolution please your eyes and Jars Of Clay’s Revolution please your ears, and soon you’ll be taken away to the land of Wii (it’s a very whimsical place).

[A Hand Drawn Revolution]

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…Wii gift cards are a glowing delight?

Wii Gift Cards

Target’s doing some serious hype for the Wii with their new illuminating gift cards, hoping that if you can’t get in line for a preordered system, at least you can appease the hopeful receiver of your Wii little gift with a glowing mini Wii (fat chance). Definite points for creativity, and I’m sure some fanboys will Wii their pants just seeing this thing in person, so in that sense, mission accomplished Target, mission accomplished.

[Via: Go Nintendo]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Super Mario Brothers can be beat in 28:54?

There’s just something about watching speed runs of classic Super Mario Brothers that brings back those sentimental memories of childhoods lost in front of the Nintendo. For your enjoyment:

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers 2

Super Mario Brothers 3

That’s right, you’ve just witnessed in 28:54 what it took a lifetime to accomplish as a child. Oh how strong the effects of geekdom must be.

[Via: Kotaku]

…Nintendo can control your fashion?

Nintendo Evolution


Nintendo’s controller has been through quite an evolution from its small, squared off and strikingly basic D-Pad beginnings to the upcoming wireless and definitely less than conventional Wiimote. Each step probably marks a specific time in each gamer’s career, and fond memories are more than likely drawn up by the sight of each iconic commanding device. Celebrate the coming of age Nintendo has gone through with the Nintendo Controller Evolution T-Shirt, and show everyone that your wardrobe totally pwns theirs. Sadly, the Playstation version just doesn’t have the same effect.

[Evolution T-Shirt]

[Via: Kotaku]