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…It’s TGI Friday: Final Ninja Zero?


Nitrome is a DYH favorite, and one of their newest games, called Final Ninja Zero, is an instant classic.

Final Ninja Zero

The goal is to make your way through various levels by throwing ninja stars, swinging and climbing from a rope, and using stealth when necessary, though as always, it’s much harder than it sounds.

Do you have what it takes to be a Final Ninja?

[Nitrome – Final Ninja Zero]

…It’s TGI Friday: Twin Shot?

Twin Shot

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which means it’s the perfect time to sit down in front of the computer with someone you love and defend each other against wave after wave of monsters in a game like Twin Shot.

Like the rest of Nitrome’s Games, Twin Shot is both fantastic looking and fun to play, so the goal is to use your trusty bow and arrow to defend yourself against the monsters that are trying to attack you. You can also fire your arrows into the wall to make platforms that you can walk on to reach higher places to fire from, and you can even team up with your significant other for some two-player action that will get them in on the fun as well.

After a round or two of monster killing mayhem though, just don’t be surprised when the arrows of love start firing off screen as well.

[Nitrome – Twin Shot]

…It’s TGI Friday: Frost Bite 2?

Frost Bite 2

Celebrate the arrival of winter with Frost Bite 2, a sequel to the popular winter mountain climbing game from Nitrome.

In Frost Bite 2, you’ve taken a little holiday ice-skating in Thin Ice, and now you’re back to climb bigger and even more exciting mountains using just your grappling hook.

Just don’t look down!

[Frost Bite 2]

…It’s TGI Friday: Square Meal?

Square Meal

Square Meal is another fantastic game from Nitrome that puts you in charge of a troll as you clear each level of enemies to escape the dungeon!!

To defeat enemies, you must eat them, but before you can eat them, you need to stun them by hitting them with blocks that you spit at them.

As is to be expected, not all blocks behave the same, and some enemies will charge or even block your blocks, and the dungeons are often booby-trapped or “slippy”, so you need to watch your step.

Are you ready for a square meal?

[Nitrome – Square Meal]