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…It’s Things Thursday: Nixon Time Teller P?

Nixon Time Teller P

Nixon’s new Time Teller P watches are meant to be a fun, easy and inexpensive way to add some style to any wardrobe.

They’re made of polyurethane and polycarbonate with a Japanese quartz movement, and come in a variety of colors that cover just about every part of the spectrum.


Just $55

[Nixon – Time Teller P]

…Nixon is making headphones?

Nixon Headphones

Nixon has long been known for their unique line of affordable luxury watches, but now they’re taking their eye for design and branching out into the world of headphones.

Available styles include the Master Blaster, which is an over-ear, studio quality headphone designed for the audio aficionado, the Nomadic, which is an on-ear, collapsible headphone that’s perfect for the frequent traveler, and the Wire, an in-ear headphone that is available with a mic as an alternative to the iBuds for iPhone users interested in moving away from the standard Apple offerings.

Each style is available in a number of different colors and fabrics, and all are sure to set you apart from the crowd.

[Nixon – Headphones]

…It’s Things Thursday: Nixon Rotolog?

Nixon Rotolog

The Nixon Rotolog watch collection tells time with a style that few can match. Designs range from wood and enamel inlays to a diamond skull pattern created exclusively for Barney’s. Features include a stainless steel case, Japanese quartz movement, butterfly closure and LED lighting. Your wrist has never looked better.

[Nixon – Rotolog]

[Nixon – Diamond Rotolog]