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…Dot has tiny adventures?

Dot is “the world’s smallest stop-motion animation character” (she’s only 9mm tall) shot entirely on a Nokia N8 with a microscope attachment called the CellScope.


…It’s Website Wednesday: Music Almighty?

Nokia’s Music Almighty is a fantastic example of what a company can do with a store when it decides to put its best foot forward.

Music Almighty 1

Choose between an Electro Blipper, Philharmaniac, Table Turnin’ Hopper, Pink Popper, or Animal Rocker, and the entire site changes to match your desires, like some sort of HTML genie.

Music Almighty 2

Then, upload your own face, and Music Almighty will transform you into your genre of choice, letting you use the available sliders to customize your caricature to your liking as he/she bounces along to the beat.

Music Almighty 3

It’s all rather seamless, and the experience actually makes you want to play with the phones to see what each of them will do, so I say bravo to Nokia for making anyone want to click more than a few pages deep to lean about a cell phone.

[Music Almighty]

…You need to get out and play?

If you are among the 126 million people that have owned a Nokia 3310 cell phone at some point in their life, chances are pretty good that you’ve also played Snake on that phone as a way to pass the time.

However, you probably never played Snake like this guy:

(Also be sure to check out Get Out And Play for an HD version and some behind the scenes action.)

[Get Out And Play]

…Nokia is not Apple?

Nokia Open

Though it may just be the beneficiary of good timing, I’d like to think that after the whole AdWords incident, there’s a little more behind Nokia’s Open campaign.

By playing off of the recent iPhone lockdown, Nokia has positioned itself as the open platform, encouraging the now abandoned application and widget designers to code for the Nokia wonder phone instead.

We’ll have to wait and see if it works, but at least you can applaud them for quick thinking and a bit of daring creativity.

[Nokia – Open]

…Vertu’s Racetrack Legends phone series is now complete?


Nokia’s Vertu, a line of too rich for their own good phones, has just released the Monaco and Nürburgring editions of their Racetrack Legends series. The phones feature carbon fiber and titanium in addition to their phone functions, and mostly just make a statement. Also, there is a boxed set available of all the Racetrack Legends series phones, made of carbon fiber and featuring three drawers to hold the cases and other accessories beneath your phone display. If your phone needs a display, you’ve spent too much.


[Via: Sybarities]