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…It’s Things Thursday: SuicideGirls: Beauty Redefined?

SuicideGirls: Beauty Redefined

The SuicideGirls are a group of girls that revolt against the typical ‘adult’ star, and believe that all women are beautiful in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

SuicideGirls: Beauty Redefined

To help celebrate that belief, they have created a book called SuicideGirls: Beauty Redefined, and it’s “a 396 page hardcover tribute to the stunning SuicideGirls from around the world”.

The images are collected by region and represent the most beautiful nude images of the SuicideGirls from the past 8 years.

The discreet black cover is meant to match your decor and not look out of place on a coffee table when your parents come over, and all copies of the book purchased through the SuicideGirls website will even be hand signed by Missy Suicide and Courtney Riot themselves.

Check out the semi-NSFW video below for more info, or visit the SuicideGirls website to purchase for just $40.

[(NSFW) SuicideGirls – Beauty Redefined]

[Via: (NSFW) Josh Spear]

…DYH is naked?

CSS Naked Day

Today is CSS Naked Day, and in support, I’ve stripped off all of the CSS styling from this site to give you a glimpse at what it would be like to view DYH in the nude.

CSS Naked Day was designed to promote Web Standards, including the proper use of “(x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words”.

Worry not, however, as DYH will be fully covered up by this time tomorrow.

Until then though, be sure to appreciate my <body>.

[CSS Naked Day]

[Via: Lorelle on WordPress – Lorelle is Naked]

…Interiors can be obscene?

Obscene Interiors

Obscene Interiors “is a collection of real online male personal ad photos” with a “critique of the decorating found within”.

To help you focus on the décor, the “often-nude” figures have been grayed out, leaving nothing but their style and taste to show off.

It’s amazing what a change in focus will reveal!

[JustinSpace – Obscene Interiors]

…Kyla Ebbert isn’t embarrassed?

When I first heard about Kyla Ebbert, the woman who was kicked off of a Southwest flight for wearing clothing that was “too revealing”, I wanted to run a story about the fact that during her interview on The Today Show, you can clearly see quite a bit of Kyla when she shows off her outfit and then goes to sit down, indicating that Southwest might not have been too far off base with their request:

However, I decided not to cover the story because I figured that maybe it was just a bad camera angle; and besides, she did say “I was humiliated. I was embarrassed. I felt like everybody was staring at me”.

I can understand that. No one wants to be the focus of attention; Right?

Apparently Kyla and I have two different definitions of being the focus of attention, because her ‘embarrassment’ has landed her in the latest issue of Playboy, showing off a little more than just her skirt:

Kyla Ebbert In Playboy

In the article, she even goes so far as to say “I’ve wanted to do it since I turned 18.”

Wouldn’t that be at least a few years before her Southwest flight?

Thankfully, there’s at least one airline that is willing to fly Kyla to and from her photo shoots:

Kyla Ebbert On Virgin

[(NSFW) Playboy – Kyla Ebbert]