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…It’s Website Wednesday: Huge Type?

Huge Type

Huge Type is “an experiment with found type on the iPhone”.

Basically, users take photos of letters and numbers that they find out in public, upload and tag each letter according to what it is, and then other users can search and view those letters on their iPhone.

Huge Type Words

There’s not a lot to it, but it does allow you to get together with other typographic nerds and form words and phrases by putting your iPhones together, and who doesn’t want to do that?

[Huge Type]

…SKAGGS shot a lot of water?

Water Bottles

A TOTO HET toilet can save up to 24,655 gallons of water per year, but how do you show that visually so that you can truly grasp what a number like that means?

That’s the question that SKAGGS faced for their latest photo shoot, and the answer involved “2 months of planning, 1 trip from El Paso to Dallas and back, 1,000 – 5 gallon water bottles, 3 trucks, 2 tractors, 1 buggy and a whole lot of man (and woman) power”.

Click the links for a rather interesting behind the scenes.

[SKAGGS – Water, Water Everywhere!]

[Flickr – Totology Photo Shoot]


…You can own your own number?

Want to own an integer? While it might not sound like very much fun, the AACS-LA seems to be having a pretty good time with their 128-bit number, so you might as well. Thankfully, Princeton professor Edward Felten is giving them out for free, so grab them while they’re hot.

    Here’s how we do it. First, we generate a fresh pseudorandom integer, just for you. Then we use your integer to encrypt a copyrighted haiku, thereby transforming your integer into a circumvention device capable of decrypting the haiku without your permission. We then give you all of our rights to decrypt the haiku using your integer. The DMCA does the rest.

    The haiku is copyright 2007 by Edward W. Felten:

    We own integers,
    Says AACS LA.
    You can own one too.

My number? 5D 25 58 74 10 B7 9E 3F 15 77 7B 31 1F 18 64 82. Now that you’ve read it, you’ve got to forget it, because if you use it, I’m coming after you.

[Freedom To TInker – Own An Integer]

[Via: Boing Boing]