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…It’s Things Thursday: Oakley Medusa?

Oakley Medusa

Unless you’re a Burning Man regular, or your rock band is about to go big on MTV, I don’t think you need Oakley’s Medusa line of Hat & Goggles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t want them.

Featuring leather dreadlocks, snap on eyewear, and enough post-apocalyptic style to make Mel Gibson blush, the Medusa line definitely isn’t for the subtle, bit if you want to stand out, then I can’t think of anything better.

[Oakley – Medusa]

[Via: Uncrate]

…Oakley’s O Lab is impressive?

Oakley O Lab

NOTCOT recently got a chance to tour Oakley’s rolling O Lab; a research lab that travels the country inside of a trailer, showing off what their shades can do.

The machines that they use are impressive, and the results speak for themselves, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Might be time to pick up a new pair…

[NOTCOT – Inside Oakley’s O Lab]

…Oakley makes a good looking watch?

Oakley Time Tank

The Oakley Time Tank is one sexy looking watch from a company not normally associated with watches but instead with sporty looking sunglasses, often attached to funky looking MP3 players. Featuring a true Swiss Made Chronograph with gold plated 13-jewel quartz movement, an ultra-lightweight titanium case, titanium straps with carbon reinforced self-lubricating thrust washers, a pure sapphire crystal face with anti-reflective coating, and 330 feet of water resistance, this watch is guaranteed to be as tough as it is good looking. The strap was modeled after a tank track (though there is a leather strap available), and combined with the large overall size, you’re sure to make a pretty bold statement when you add this to your wrist.

[Oakley Time Tank]