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…It’s Movie Monday: Off The Rails?

Off The Rails

Darcy Prendergast’s Off The Rails is a fantastic short about “all the crazy people met on public transportation”.

It’s done in stop motion claymation, and the lighting, tone, and color are all fantastically original and engaging.

Since Off The Rails has been on YouTube since October of ’06, but has only managed a mere 20,000+ views, I’m going to call it an undiscovered gem of the ‘Tubes.


…It’s TGI Friday: Off The Rails?

Off The Rails

Sometimes, the simplest games are the most fun.

Off The Rails uses only five buttons, but the great graphics and simplistic gameplay will have you pumping your way through level after level.

Just remember to stay on the rails every once in a while.

[Miniclip – Off The Rails]