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…It’s Website Wednesday: Blank Is Like Blank?

Blank Is Like Blank

Blank is Like Blank is a simple site that provides the occasional analogy to live by.

With quips like:

    “Facebook is like a gossipy friend with no interesting information”,
    “Using Helvetica is like owning a Mac: It looks so cool that you never bother to stop and think if you really need to”, and
    “Starbucks is like that crazy ex-girlfriend you still get together with: You hate yourself for going back, but the familiarity makes it convenient, and until you find something better, it’s all you’ve got”,

Justin Feinstein is firmly establishing himself as the king of the one liner.

[Blank is Like Blank]

…Carmen Electra is Lonelygirl15 in EpicMovie?


If you thought Lonelygirl15 got people all hot and bothered, just wait until you see Carmen Electra’s version. The girl famous for Striperobics takes on the girl famous for being YouTube’s innocent little virgin, and I must say she does a pretty faithful interpretation. Don’t expect much from the movie, and you just might be pleasantly surprised by a slathering of funny jokes and one liners, though most likely not a huge heap of Oscar winning performances. I do hope she wins Daniel back though.

[MySpace – EpicMovie]

[Via: Kineda]

…Nick Thune was on Leno?

Nick Thune, the featured comic on tonight’s Leno, was surprisingly funny. Since I had never heard of him before, I wasn’t sure what to make of the strummed guitar and unique style, but he was definitely king of the one liner. Keep an eye out, I see big things coming Thune.

Here he is in a short called Phone Tag:

And an example of his comedic style:[Nick Thune]

[MySpace – Nick Thune]