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…It’s Things Thursday: Threadless?

Threadless Logo

I’ve written about Threadless before, but with the stuff they’ve put out recently, it’s hard to ignore.

Threadless Kids

First, they’ve launched an entire site dedicated to Threadless Kids. There was an indication that they would do something like this when onesies were introduced, but now you can get a variety of their styles in both unisex tees and onesies to fit your growing child.

Glow In The Dark Shirt

Second, they’ve introduced a shirt design that incorporates glow in the dark ink to add to the message. Called Mr. Toxic Waste, its nuclear reactors give off a healthy glow when the lights go out.

Fast Food Meal

Lastly, they continue to pump out amazing designs. This one, called Fast Food Meal, is a collaboration with the movie Fast Food Nation, and features a decidedly dangerous meal with a subtly strong message.

Would you like grenade fries with that?


[Threadless Kids]

[Mr. Toxic Waste]

[Fast Food Meal]