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…You can make your own Digg button?

Digg Button

The Digg button is a beginner’s electronics project that is designed to teach you the basics of soldering and programming microcontrollers in a fun and innovative way. With just a few simple tools and some time, you can put together your very own Digg counter. Just push the button, and the word “Dug” flashes on the screen, followed by an incremental increase in the number. The project is open source, so you can piece together everything yourself, or you can buy the complete kit from the Adafruit webshop for just $15. Plus, $1 from every sales is also going to the EFF (Electronics Frontier Foundation), so you can give a little just by buying one. Future plans include new colors and the ability to interface the button directly with, so stay tuned.

[Digg Button Kit (V1.0)]

[Via: Ladyada]

…The Wave Bubble is an open source jammer?

Wave Bubble

After going to one too many movies where the other patrons feel it’s necessary to tell their friends via cell phone about how the movie is going during the movie, I only wish I had the electronic skills necessary to put together my own Wave Bubble, a self-tuning, wide-bandwidth portable RF jammer. It’s the size of a pack of cigarettes, has an effective range of approximately 20 feet, and can jam cell, cordless phone, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more. Plus, it’s an open source project, so if you’ve got the skills, you can make your own. Jamtastic.

[Wave Bubble]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…Lifehacker is writing a book?

Lifehacker Book, a great source of life hacks (clever shortcuts or lesser-known, faster ways to complete a task), is publishing a book. Called Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day, it’s a supplement/companion to their very popular web site, “a collection of the best how-to’s from the site archives”. It’s an open source book in the sense that the already published material is “enhanced by additions, suggestions, questions and answers from Lifehacker readers”. If you enjoy “redefining personal productivity by tweaking, modding, mashing up, and repurposing web apps, desktop software, and common everyday objects”, then this book is for you. I’ve been an avid reader of Lifehacker for quite some time now, and judging by the material they’ve published in the past, a collection of their best stuff is a definite must have for any techie library’s shelves.

[Via – Lifehacker]

…Firefox 2.0 is now official?

Firefox 2.0 has officially hit the streets, and it’s going to be hot. If you haven’t joined the Firefox revolution, now is the time. Firefox, by Mozilla, is a free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser (thanks Wikipedia) that’s quickly become the standard for browsing the web. It cuts down on pop ups, is totally customizable, and just plain works. Give it a try; you’ll never look at the web the same way again.

Need another reason to switch? Watch this comparison video, and the choice will be pretty obvious:

Firefox 2

[Wikipedia – Firefox]

[Via: Digg]