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…Your Focus wants to join the orchestra?

In the spirit of Honda’s Cog commercial comes this new Ford spot for the UK Focus that turned and tuned various parts from the car into musical instruments.

There’s the “Transmission Case Cello-Dulcimer”, a “Clutch Guitar”, a “Rear Suspension Spike Fiddle”, and a “Fender Bass” among other things, and each one manages to sound good when mashed with the rest.

Though there’s no way of telling if these parts actually played music, or if they just played the part, it sure does look convincing.

I guess it’s time that I re-up my Fender Bass lessons!

[Via: Crave]

…Virtuoso violins play themselves?


$17,500 would buy you quite a few violin lessons, but even after you completed all of them, it’s still debatable weather or not you would be able to outplay the Virtuoso, the world’s first self-playing violin. Utilizing a real bow (and a bunch of computers, motors, and techno mumbo jumbo), the Virtuoso sounds just like a real violin, but without the need for an attached human. Self-conducting orchestra, coming soon to a theater near you.

[Via: BornRich]