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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: AG Excaliber?

AG Excaliber Exterior

Question: How do you fit 24-inch wheels in the front, and 30-inch wheels in the back of a CL-Class Mercedes-Benz?

AG Excaliber Foam

Answer: A lot of expanding foam.

AG Excaliber Detail

The car you see here, which was at one time just another two door Mercedes, was turned into this big red monster by a Lithuanian body man named Audronis Gestautas, who formed a brand called AG Excalibur so that he could make cars like this.

AG Excaliber Interior

Besides the over-the-top exterior, the interior is covered in Swarovski crystals, and was custom formed using a healthy serving of cardboard!

Sadly, the Mercedes was not the only Lithuanian car to go under the knife, as a tuning shop named Lithuanian National took a BMW 6 Series and also modified it to within an inch of its life:

Lithuanian BMW

What do they put in the water over there?

[Via: World Car Fans]

[Via: BMW Blog]

…Tay Zonday is back, and he’s drinking Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper?

Proving that a strange voice, a stranger song, and a video on YouTube can turn you into an instant celebrity, Tay Zonday is back, and this time, he has remixed his Chocolate Rain hit to help promote Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper.

With an over the top music video accompanying his second single, this is sure to be the talk of the water cooler for the next day or two at least, so prepare yourself: