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…You need a verbotomy?


Verbotomy, “an online game that challenges people to invent words, create definitions for them, and use them in sentences”, draws it inspiration for this week’s words from Overclocked, a collection of short stories by Cory Doctorow. With words like Meemcream, a combination of meme (a cultural item transmitted by repetition) and cream (to froth; foam) and Digivalry, a combination of digital and chivalry, you’ll surely find at least a few words to add to your daily vernacular. It’s plagiarific.


[Via: Overclocked]

…Flashlights can start fires?

There are some people who just don’t know the meaning of enough is enough. Case in point is this Maglite with an Osram Sylvania bulb overclocked to 80 times its standard luminosity and powered by 12 1200mV NiMH batteries. How bright is it? Just watch:

[Fire Starter Flashlight]

[Via: CrunchGear]