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…Jackass 2.5 will be free?

Jackass Movie

On December 19, Jackass 2.5, the half-sequel to the rather popular Jackass movie series, will officially become the “first broadband movie ever distributed by a major studio”.

For two weeks, anyone will be able to view the hour-long film in its entirety for free, with a pre and post-roll the only intrusion into their Jackass pleasure.

After the free preview, the film will be available on DVD, through iTunes, on Amazon, and anywhere else Paramount Pictures can make a buck off of the pain of others.

If it works, there could be a swing towards using this method of distribution in the future, so check it out, because free is hard to beat.

[Jackass World]

[Via: Mashable]

…Suzuki Sidekick jumping looks like fun?

Normally, mixing a Suzuki Sidekick, beer, and a really big jump results in a lot of pain and broken Sidekick parts.

This jump, however, didn’t go according to that plan.

It’s NSFW due to language, so mute the sound and click play, because you don’t want to miss this:

[Via: Jalopnik]

…Unsubscribe Me is a powerful message?

Unsubscribe Me

“Unsubscribe Me” is an Amnesty International campaign against human rights abuse in the ‘war on terror’.

Instead of PGing the message to appeal to a wider audience, AI instead chose to show the real deal, and put a performance artist through the real interrogation techniques permitted by the CIA handbook.

The first of three films is called Waiting For The Guards, and involves the artist spending six hours in a “stress position”. The pain and anguish that you hear is real, and the emotion is raw.

The end result is a video that may be disturbing to some viewers; but then again, I guess that’s the point:

How much terror are we willing to use to fight the war on terror?

[Unsubscribe Me]