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…One Trillion Dollars is impressive?

With numbers like One Trillion being tossed around in the news lately, it’s always good to step back and try to visualize what a number like that really looks like.

To help you get a grasp on it, PageTutor has created a rendering that shows what one trillion dollars looks like as stacks of $100 bills.

The result is below, but keep in mind that when you’re looking at this and trying to give it some meaning, each pallet you see here is holding $100 million dollars, and the pallets themselves are then double stacked.

One Trillion Dollars

Oh, and that tiny little red dot at the corner of the pile?

That’s you.


[Via: Boing Boing]

…Michael Marcovici likes big, expensive art?

Michael Marcovici used to be eBay’s biggest powerseller, but after watching his multi-million dollar company go belly up in 2005, he decided to follow his true passion: Art.

Marcovici One Billion Dollar

Not content with just any art though, Marcovici’s art is some of the biggest (physically) in the world. One example of this is the piece he calls ‘One Billion Dollar’ which is, as you can guess, a billion dollars. The $100 bills (all 10 million of them) are stacked on 12 standard pallets, and is “not so much about what you see but what you could do or not do with the money”. In addition, Marcovici is proud to say that this “is the most expensive piece of art ever made’.

Marcovici Time Sand

His second piece, called ‘Time Sand’, is a little more subtle, but no less impactful. It consists of 972 30Kg bags of Rolex Time Sand (the sand used in hourglasses) and since each bag takes about 30 days to flow through a standard hourglass, the goal is to represent a generous estimation of an average lifetime of 81 years.

[Art Marcovici]

[Via: Like Cool]