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…Livio plays well with Pandora?


The Livio radio is a rather neat little music device that is designed to work well with Pandora’s internet radio service, and includes features like Wi-Fi for wireless listening and built in Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down buttons for full personal DJ support.


…Web apps have been charted?

Web App Charts

There’s Flickr and Dopplr, YouTube and DropSend; Zoho, Digg, YMail and Gmail; Facebook, Pandora, Mint and Twitter; and last but not least, there’s, (oh, and don’t forget, Remember the Milk!)

They’ve all become a part of our daily online lives, but web based applications are a relatively new thing, which means they’re still vying for top spot on your bookmark list.

Thus, Carsonified set out to find out which are the most popular and successful web apps through a straw poll of over 3,000 votes from all over the world.

Which one made top spot?

Click through to find out:

[Web App Charts]