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…Britney is bald?

Bald Britney

Britney has gone bald, and not in that “getting out of the car with Paris Hilton and oops, look what I forgot” sort of way either. Her new hairless head was caught on camera as she went through the process of getting a pair of red lips tattooed on her wrist, and is sure to cause quite a stir. Rock bottom finally has a new definition.

[Via: The Superficial]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Paris Exposed?

Paris Exposed

Though I’m not surprised by the existence of, I am surprised by the extent of The story behind the site goes like this:

  • Paris rented out a 6,000 square foot storage unit to house all of her personal possessions.
  • Paris forgot to pay the $208 bill.
  • The storage unit was auctioned off.
  • Someone bought it, sold the stuff inside for millions to
  • History.

The site is a literal database of anything and everything Paris Hilton. It features:

  • Britney Spears memorabilia.
  • Nick Carter love notes.
  • Recorded phone calls.
  • Her phone book with thousands of celebrity phone numbers.
  • A Girls Gone Wild session with Joe Francias.
  • Lots of drug use.
  • Video diaries.
  • More Paris sex tapes.
  • Receipts, medical records, bank statements, fan mail, cards, to do lists.
  • Much more.

Though I’m sure there’s some juicy stuff in there, I almost feel bad for her. Almost. If you’re willing to put down the $39.97 required for one month of access, Paris’s world is your oyster, though you’ll have to check your conscience at the door.

[Paris Exposed]

…Dogs need Halloween costumes too?

Star Wars Pet Costume

My dog never seems too disappointed that she can’t dress up and join me in any Halloween festivities, but if you get that puppy face from your best friend when you put on your pillowcase ghost costume this year, let them join in the fun (and geek out a little bit) with the Star Wars Pet Costumes. Officially licensed by Star Wars (those trilogy remake DVDs must not be selling as quickly as they would have hoped), they’re available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large so that every dog from P Hilton’s to your great dane can fit in one. Regardless of how cute these might look though, something about a dog’s head with a human looking body, arms and legs just strikes me as a little bit odd, but I guess it’s a case of to each his own.

[Star Wars Pet Costumes]

[Via: Neatorama]