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…It’s Movie Monday: Jewno?

Jewno is a parody of the Juno trailer, told from a Jew’s point of view, and featuring J.K. Simmons, the actual dad from Juno.

…There Will Be Bud?

Sure, you expected there to be parodies, but nothing like this.

Oh yes, There Will Be Bud:

…The Simpsons Game looks awesome?

The Simpsons Game

The Simpsons have already conquered the movie world, and now they’ve set their sites on the gaming world (again).

The Simpsons Game lets you play as any member of the family in the film’s 2.5D animation style, and features parody games such as ‘Medal of Homer’ and ‘Grand Theft Scratchy’.

Definitely a game to keep an eye out for.

[The Simpsons Game]

…Apple is making an iPhone Shuffle?

One great thing about Apple products is how easy it is to parody them. Start with a sleek product design, add a little bit of predictable product line, put some Web 2.0 gloss on it, and you’ve got yourself:

iPhone Shuffle

[Via: Mac Essentials]