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…Bugatti Veyrons are not subtle cars?

Though if forced, I’d take a Ferrari Enzo, what I really want for Christmas is a Bugatti Veyron:

If anyone has an extra that they wouldn’t mind letting me have, I’d be eternally grateful, and I’d even wash yours for you whenever you wanted, even if it looks like this:

Pepto Veyron

Bathing Ape, apparently famous in the Japanese streetware scene, found it fit to cover their Bugatti in a not so camouflaged Pepto Pink, complete with Bathing Ape print camo. This wasn’t their first attempt at destroying what remains of the subtlety of a supercar though, as shown by their camo’ed Rolls Royce Phantom:

BAPE Phantom

Ten bucks says Paul Dalton wouldn’t touch either of these with a sponge on a ten-foot stick.

[A Bathing Ape]

[Via: Ed Spivak’s Daily Ramble]

…Neiman Marcus loves BMW M6s?

Neiman M6

How long does it take to sell 50 high priced ($139,000) BMW M6 Convertibles? Well, if your name is Neiman Marcus, it takes exactly 92 seconds, the amount of time it took them to unload their entire Christmas Book fleet. Next year, Neiman ought to at least offer a wash from the likes of Paul Dalton with your purchase.

[Via: Jalopnik]

…Your car wash technique sucks?

If you’re going to spend over a million on your car, you don’t just want to shoot the thing through the free car wash that comes with a fill-up at the local gas station. That’s where Paul Dalton comes in. Paul can give your car what has to be the world’s most expensive car wash, costing over $10,000 just for a single wash and wax. It isn’t like he’s just rubbing your machine down with a wet sponge and calling it a day though. The Pinnacle Miracle Detail, dubbed “the ultimate detail for the ultimate luxury and performance cars” has 61 different stages, including paint correction, and takes up approximately 64 hours of Paul’s expertise. He uses products like Zymol Royale, a wax containing 73% rare White Carnauba that has only been made twice, citrus degreasers, microfiber cloths, P21s wheel gel, and even heats the water before spraying the car down. So why would you choose Miracle Detail, Paul’s company? From the website:

Paul is a perfectionist, and he cannot trust anyone else to detail a car with his care, skill or enthusiasm. As such, you can be sure of a personal service from Miracle, and an unrivalled standard of work. Would a regular detailer go to the bother of measuring your paintwork with an electronic paint depth gauge, before polishing it? Or treat the paintwork you can’t see from the outside, like the door sills, with the same care and attention as the rest?

So what about if you’ve just got your sparkling new Enzo home from Paul’s shop and a bird leaves you a little present on the hood? Paul does house calls too, rushing to the aid of any pooped on patron. Watch the video for an idea of how much work goes into one of Paul’s detailings. Plus, since this video is based in Britain, keep in mind the fact that a pound equals approximately 1.87 dollars, so multiply all cash figures given by two, and 35 degrees Celsius is equal to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep in mind the fact that you just keep expecting bikini clad women to pop up and do part of the job, considering the price, but that it is in fact just Paul working out of the back of his warehouse shop or from his van, and he’s definitely not one to be wearing a bikini.

[Miracle Detail]

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