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…Peanut butter is loco?


P.B.Loco is “The Adult Peanut Buttter”. With flavors like CoCoBanana, Asian Curry Spice, Sun-Dried Tomato, and Sumatra Cinnamon and Raisin, They hope to do for peanut butter what Starbucks did for coffee. PB&J will never be the same.


[Via: Boing Boing]

…Dogs like bubbles?

Fetch A Bubble

Tennis balls are going out of style thanks to new scented bubble technology. Porducts like Fetch A Bubble, an automatic bubble machine that churns out chicken scented bubbles at a frantic pace, and the Bubble Buddy, a bubble gun which features flavors like peanut butter, barbecue chicken, and sizzling bacon, your pup will be entertained for hours (until he figures out that the bubbles aren’t actually floating pieces of chicken and comes back to you with those sad, puppy dog eyes). With either machines churning out thousands of bubbles per minute, it’s a set it and forget it way of keeping Fido in shape and out of your way.

[Fetch A Bubble]

[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]

…200 calories looks tasty?

Peppers 200 Calories

Gummy Bears 200 Calories

If you had to choose among plates filled with 200 calories of food, would you rather have the peppers or the gummy bears? wiseGEEK put together an image gallery of plates filled with 200 calories of various foods to give you an idea of what differences in food actually look like. Is that dollop of peanut butter really going to be worth one tenth of your daily caloric intake, when you could have a plate full of kiwi instead? You decide.

[wiseGEEK – What Does 200 Calories Look Like?]

[Via: Dethroner]