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…Peugeot can quickly turn a 307 into a monster?

307 WRC

You’ve seen the Subaru Team assemble a WRX STI into a rally-ready machine in just a few minutes, but for some reason, these time-lapse rally racer assembly videos never get old.

Here, we see the Peugeot team take their 307 from zero to hero in a little under four minutes as they get it ready for Marcus Gronholm and Timo Rautiainen to abuse it to victory during the 2004 WRC race in Finland:

[Via: 0-60 Mag]

…Spiders can be dangerous?

SpiderSpider is a rather clever action-thriller short from Australian director Nash Edgerton that “gives an all-new meaning to old Peugeots, stunning blondes and love-jokes”.

With Nash playing Jack, and Mirrah Foulkes playing Jill, it’s definitely a low budget affair, but the results are still rather entertaining.

Just remember: It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Caution: This film is probably not for the squeamish.

[Blue-Tongue Films]

…Rally crashes are crazy?

Though it’s fun watching rally cars careen around a track, clipping apexes and sliding through the impossible with a grace and a style that few can master, the real fun of watching rally cars, and probably the reason that most people watch, are the crashes. When it all goes so wrong is when watching goes so right. The crashing, the smashing, and sometimes the falling are all just a split second and a missed decision away, and that’s what keeps it interesting. This crash takes the cake though. I’ll bet the driver of the Peugeot wrote one heck of a thank you to the guy who welded in his safety cage.

[Via: Jalopnik]