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…Mr. Potatohead has been mashed?

Mr. PotatoMash

Ashley is a Mr. Potatohead masher.

By combining the spud with a little bit of clay and some imagination, each design takes on a life of its own.

The custom designs, based off of movie, TV, and pop culture icons, take between one and seven hours to make, and are often destroyed after being photographed.

Just don’t say the words “twice baked” around them, or they’ll get upset.

[Mr. PotatoMash]


…Survivors can document the scene?

Plane Crash Photo

Soon, we will live in a world where everything will be documented and photographed and videoed for the consumption of the masses.

For example: As one Swedish passenger was crawling out of the wreckage of last week’s Thailand plane crash, he grabbed his mobile phone and started to video the scene.

The result is a barrage of bloodied and bewildered passenger photos that give a pretty good idea of the horror that they must have been going through.

What do you think: Is this going too far?

(Caution: Some of the photos are rather gory)

[This Is London – Photos]

[Via: Spluch]