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…Bugs have Flight Patterns?

I’m always amazed by the regularity that occurs when you look at something with a time frame that is outside of what the human brain can process. (Example: Time lapse or slow motion.) Under the right conditions, the seemingly random and unpredictable can often turns into nice, neat patterns.

One example of this is Flight Patterns, a short clip by Charlie McCarthy that shows the flight patterns of bugs under a streetlight. It was made by stitching together a bunch of long exposure photographs, and shows that each bug has its own unique pattern that it likes to follow.


…The clouds glow at night under airplanes?

Glowing Night Video

On a recent flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco, Flickr user Ettubrute noticed that the night lights from the cities were flowing beneath the clouds and making them glow in a spectacular and ethereal way: “It was really seeing the impact of urban environments from a different perspective.”

To capture and share this experience, he set up an improvised stabilizer mound out of bags, pillows and blankets for the camera to sit on, and took about three hours of photographs that he condensed into about a minute of time lapse video.


[Via: Kottke]

…People love the ampersand?

The Ampersand

The Ampersand is an entire blog dedicated to “the most attractive punctuation mark of them all”.

Apparently this scribal abbreviation is more popular than I would have thought; because people have ampersand tattoos, take photographs of ampersands, document strange ampersand uses and appearances, and more.

I guess if it exists, someone probably has a blog about it…

[The Ampersand]

[Via: Swissmiss]

…Daily Dose of Imagery has a book?


Daily Dose of Imagery, Volume 1, is a 40 page book featuring a collection of more than 40 photographs taken by Sam Javanrouh and featured on the Daily Dose of Imagery site during the first 40 months. It’s 10”x8” and can be ordered in either Hardcover or Softcover form, making this a perfect coffee table book or a great gift idea for any art lover. Judging by the quality of the photographs that are featured on DDoI, this ought to be one impressive collection.

[Daily Dose of Imagery, Volume 1]

[Via: Daily Dose of Imagery]