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…It’s Movie Monday: Another Love?

Another Love

Another Love is an interesting video by Nat Dart that combines tilt-shift photography, time-lapse and animation to tell a very unique story about a monster.

Though I’m usually not a fan of tilt-shift, that could definitely change if I start to see more work like this.

…LED Light Drawing Pens are easy to make?

Light Graffiti

Light graffiti is a fun photography style where you set your camera up to take a long exposure at night, and then use a handheld light sources to ‘draw’ in the frame.

The easiest way to create light graffiti is with an LED pen, since they can be made in all sorts of different colors, and the small, very focused light will give you detailed lines without illuminating the rest of the image.

To make your very own set of LED Light Drawing Pens, check out Instructables, where they’ve posted a guide that will turn some plastic tubing, an LED, and rudimentary wiring into a LED pen in no time.

[Instructables – LED Light Drawing Pens]

[Photo Via: Eric Castro]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Aerial Virtual Tour Of New York?

Aerial Virtual Tour Of New York

PixelCase’s Aerial Virtual Tour of New York is an amazing look at the Big Apple from above thanks to the combined photography of Oleg Gaponyuk and Andrei Zubets.

Once inside the panorama you can look around and zoom in and out, and when viewed in fullscreen, it reminds me a lot of the intro scene from The Dark Knight that was shot in IMAX, including the slight knot you’ll get in your stomach if you’re at all afraid of heights.

[Aerial Virtual Tour Of New York]

…It’s Things Thursday: Photojojo’s Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame?

Photojojo Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame

Photojojo’s Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame is a new way to display your photos that will definitely force you to think outside the box when behind the lens.

By taking your photos into a third dimension, the Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame allows you to get creative with what will wrap and how it will add extra depth to your ideas, and you can put photos where photos have never belonged before.

The frame itself holds up to 12 different photos, and is made of espresso stained and lacquered wood for a strong and durable finish that will look good on just about any corner.

[Photojojo – Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame]

…Video is the new photo?

Megan Fox Esquire Cover

For the June issue of Esquire magazine, Greg Williams used a RedONE video camera to capture Megan Fox for the cover.

The shoot, which apparently involved about 10 minutes of Megan Fox ‘acting’ out various scenes, will be chopped up into an infinite number of potential cover photos, and one will make the cover thanks to the RedONE’s resolution, which is four times that of HD.

Could this be the future of photography as we know it?

[Esquire – Megan Fox Shoot]