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…Your ride wants to get pierced?

Pierce Your Ride Banner

Pierce Your Ride Scion White

Pierce Your Ride Scion

This is one customization trend that I hope never catches on. Pierce Your Ride offers, you guessed it, “piercings for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowboard, ATV, and more”. I’m all for customizing your ride and all, but giving it a giant piercing? Definitely not my style. Supposedly, theses allow you to “rebel against conformity”, but I think anyone using one is just rebelling against taste. Be your own judge though, I may be wrong on this one (though I’m probably not), and these may be the next best thing since sliced bread (though they probably won’t).

[Pierce Your Ride]


…Your dishware needs a little more attitude?

Piercing Bowl

If your cereal bowl keeps getting roughed up at school, give it a little more attitude with a tattoo and a piercing. The Piercing Collection from KAHLA contains a breakfast bowl, mug and cup, all made of porcelain and featuring a tribal tattoo and lip (of the bowl/cup) piercing. Sadly, like a human piercing, these aren’t microwave safe.

[Piercing Collection]

[Via: Kitchen Contraptions]