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…Frankie Flood makes motorcycle inspired pizza cutters?

Frankie Flood Pizza Cutters

Frankie Flood makes pizza cutters that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

As Frankie says,

My work investigates one of a kind objects and their role in a world based on mechanical reproduction. Industry has removed the aura from objects and stripped them of their individuality. My pizza cutters seek to demolish the sterile conformity of mass produced objects and represent the stylistic and flamboyant embellishment of groups who live on the fringe of popular culture. The outlaw biker image is a break from the conformity that has taken over America since industrialization. My machined pizza cutters draw inspiration from chopper motorcycles and attempt to reclaim the mythology and economic usefulness of the American worker as patriarch; translating machine or functional object into flesh and blood. The outlaw as defiant nonconformist, as well as social outcast, parallels being an artist who makes functional objects and being an individual who takes pride in the power of invention and skill.

Be sure to check out Frankie’s site for other objects that he has given his special touch to.

[Frankie Flood]

[Via: Book Of Joe]

…Alan Probe is an amateur Surgeon?

Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon

Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon is an Adult Swim game that puts you in charge of Alan, an aspiring surgeon moonlighting as a pizza delivery boy who must save a variety of patients using only the pizza tools he has on hand.

Can you get the job done using only a pizza cutter, a Zippo, a corkscrew, a stapler, a car battery, and an Etch-A-Sketch?

Find out:

[Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon]

[Via: Kotaku]