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…The De Grisogono Meccanico DG is amazing?

De Grisogono Meccanico DG

The De Grisogono Meccanico DG is possibly the coolest watch I’ve ever seen.

Scratch that; The De Grisogono Meccanico DG is the coolest watch I’ve ever seen.


Because it’s “the first all mechanical watch with a digital display integrated into it”.

Let me repeat: An all mechanical watch with a digital display. No LEDs. No digital parts. Just 651 of the smallest watch pieces imaginable working together to make magic happen.

Sink in yet?

Basically, the DG 042 De Grisgono manual movement that powers the watch uses some sort of half magic half mystery potion to make the numbers at the bottom change every minute, and in doing so, causes shock and awe inside of anyone that sees it.

It’s either that, or they figured out how to shrink little elves and keep them alive inside of the watch, but I prefer to believe the former.

According to the press release:

    The mechanically operated digital display of the second timezone shows tens of hours, single hours, tens of minutes and single minutes, all displayed by mobile microsegments driven by an assemblage of 23 cams connected to a set of gears and a triggering and synchronization system. The time information is displayed by an array of 23 horizontally and vertically positioned microsegments. Vertical segments are 9 mm high and weigh at most 25 milligrams while the horizontal segments measure 2.90 mm in length and weigh only 10 milligrams. The segments have four faces: two opposing visible faces fitted with colored strips and two opposing unmarked faces. Time changes are effected by 90° rotations of the required segment or segments. Involving one to twelve segments, time changes are lightning fast.

Only 177 of this super limited edition will be made available in either red gold, titanium and gold, titanium and platinum, or titanium and rubber, and if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. (But believe me, with a watch like this, most people will have to ask!)

[De Grisogono]

[Via: Sybaries]

…Hip-Hop chains are huge?

Busta RhymesHip-Hop artists have an unnatural obsession with unnecessarily large chains, which is why it takes a special someone to make it into a list of Hip-Hop’s Most Ridiculous Chains. To make it onto the list, you have to be willing to take a few risks, and wearing enough cash to buy a house around your neck is just the beginning.

Platinum, gold and diamonds are all part of the chain arsenal, and the bigger the better, so click the link to see if your favorite lyricist has what it takes.

[Hip-Hop’s Most Ridiculous Chains]

[Via: Sand & Cotton]

…The Quenttin is one sexy watch?

Jacob Quenttin

The Quenttin by Jacob & Co. is such a beautiful watch, it’s almost hard to describe. Made in either white gold, rose gold, or magnesium platinum, it features vertical movement, an on-of key to set the time or wind the watch, and a hand winding mechanism via an integrated key. Plus, it’s a limited edition, with only 99 of the white gold, 18 of the rose gold, and 18 of the magnesium versions pieces being made. I want one.

[Jacob & Co. – The Quenttin]

…Tequila is a world record holder?

Tequila Ley

If you really, really like your tequila and really, really like being filthy stinking rich, then this solid platinum and white gold bottle of Tequila Ley .925 is just what you need to complete you collection of expensive libations. Recently purchased for $255,000, it’s the most expensive bottle of liquor ever sold according to Guinness World Records. I’d imagine this isn’t the kind of thing you drink on an everyday occasion, though I’m sure it would probably taste pretty damn good if you did.

[Tequila Ley .925]

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