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…Sony wants you to wait for your PlayStation 3?

The first commercial for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 is out, and quite frankly, it sucks. Called “The Wait”, it tries oh so hard to dramatize the launch of their gaming system, but succeeds only in confusing and confounding us. Why are their children on the roofs of buildings? What are the giant shadow creatures? Are PlayStations going to start falling from the sky one day? Why is it going to cost over a grand to “wait” on eBay? All of these questions are left unanswered. I guess we’ll just have to “wait” and find out, but maybe that was the point all along. Wait…

[Via: Kotaku]

…Playstation loves viral marketing codes?

Playstation 3 Viral Marketing

Sony has taken up viral marketing with their new website for the yet to be released Playstation 3. Using what appear to be random symbols, you can decipher the related letters and then click out words that give you access to videos, wallpapers and soundtracks for a few of their upcoming games. Thankfully, if you don’t want to crack the code yourself, there’s a site that shows the cracked code along with a list of what you should spell with the given letters, and a site that is hosting the videos that are unlocked when you “win”. It’s definitely a cool (though very difficult) way of spreading the word about upcoming games.


[Cracked Code]


[Via: Kotaku]

…The next-gen consoles size each other up?

Sizeasy Comparison

Here’s a cool use for previously mentioned Sizeasy: Comparing the upcoming Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii consoles to the classic NES console. It really gives you a good idea of both the massive size of the Playstation 3 and the diminutive size of the Nintendo Wii. If this were a boxing match, I’d be ready to declare a winner, but unfortunately there are no sure things in the console war, so stay tuned as these titans battle it out for the title, “King of the Living Room”.


[Via: Gizmodo]