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…The Xbox should be slim?

Xbox Slim

Since Microsoft went straight from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, they didn’t stop to do any revisions to the original like Sony did to the PlayStation 2.

However, this didn’t stop one crafty modder from making his own “Xbox Slim” project, and using it as a media center that can play games.

Xbox Slim And Xbox

The Xbox Slim cuts more than half the weight from the original, weighing in at just four pounds, and adds in advanced features like a DVD/CD-R combo drive, 60GB of onboard storage, a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, and a built in receiver for the Logitech wireless controller.

Xbox Slim Details

Along with the hardware revisions, XBMC has been added for media center capability, and SNES, Sega, NeoGeo, and other emulators have been added for classic gaming goodness.

It might not be certified by Microsoft, but chances are, that isn’t exactly a bad thing.

[Xbox Slim]

[Via: Technabob]

…Sony slaughtered a goat?

Sony Goat

Sony may have gone a little over board with the European launch party for their new PlayStation 2 game God Of War II. The centerpiece of that party, and the main cause of all the commotion, was a freshly slaughtered goat, emptied out and filled with offal that guest were invited to eat from the still-warm stomach. As if that wasn’t enough, topless girls walked around with grapes that they dropped into guests’ mouths, a male model portraying Kratos handed out garlands, and guests were able to throw knives at targets and pull live snakes from a pit with their bare hands. Sounds like a few Sony execs drank a little too much punch when they came up with that idea.

[Via: Daily Mail]

[Response From Sony Via: Kotaku]

…Gran Turismo wants to be just like real life?

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo, a PlayStation series, sells itself as The Real Driving Simulator; a game that has always been synonymous with realism and true to life physics. It does seem pretty real (sometimes frustratingly so) when I play it, so I have often wondered just how true to life the game really is. Thankfully, Top Gear had the same wonderings, and decided to do a little test to see if they could match the time they can do in the game with the time they can do on the same track and in the same car as in the game, but in the real world. Watch and see:

[Gran Turismo]

[Via: High T3ch Magazine]

…Sony wants you to wait for your PlayStation 3?

The first commercial for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 is out, and quite frankly, it sucks. Called “The Wait”, it tries oh so hard to dramatize the launch of their gaming system, but succeeds only in confusing and confounding us. Why are their children on the roofs of buildings? What are the giant shadow creatures? Are PlayStations going to start falling from the sky one day? Why is it going to cost over a grand to “wait” on eBay? All of these questions are left unanswered. I guess we’ll just have to “wait” and find out, but maybe that was the point all along. Wait…

[Via: Kotaku]