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…It’s TGI Friday: Matt Sandorf: Journey to Endless Entertainment?

Matt Sandorf: Journey to Endless Entertainment

Matt Sandorf: Journey to Endless Entertainment is an advergame for Sony that lets you guide Matt point-and-click style through a futuristic spaceship.

Despite being an advertisement, Matt Sandorf is actually entertaining, and looks great as well. The gameplay has a very smoothed over, top down style to it, and the cut scenes are all done as rather unique, charcoal style drawings.

The game is also surprisingly difficult, and doesn’t let you get away with much, though it does contain enough twists, turns and jokes to keep you working your way through it and intrigued along the way.

If you get stuck, there’s a walkthrough available from Jay is Games, but I encourage you to stick with it, because there are few advergames that are this rewarding.

[Matt Sandorf: Journey To Endless Entertainment]

[Via: Jay Is Games]

…It’s TGI Friday: Samorost?


In Samorost, your planet is on a collision course with another planet, and you must point and click your way through various levels to save yourself form certain doom.

The graphics are fantastic, the storyline is excellent, and people liked it so much that they created a Samorost 2, so give this one a play through and see what all the fuss is about.